Lights, Mike, Photos!

I'm particularly grateful again to Cliff Etzel who visited me again a couple of weeks ago to get some final photographs for this great photo / audio piece he made about me.

While I'm always a  little self conscious about these types of things, for the usual reasons, I think Cliff did a lovely job of capturing the essence of my work and the processes that I use to arrive at the final pieces of work.

If you have a small business or creative endeavors that you want to share in a unique way, you should contact Cliff about his unique approach!  You can see some more of it at 

In the meantime I'm starting to gather pieces and new work for a First Friday Artwalk show in Downtown Eugene in May!  I'm really excited about it and am grateful again to Yankee Built for their gracious invitation to show in their beautiful and simple show room.  I'll have more details soon, but for now I hope that Spring is peeking out and warming up your neck of the woods.